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Landscaping Services

No job is too big or too small! Beautiful landscape installation raises property value. An attractive and well cared for property is especially important for commercial landscaping clients who want to attract customers to their location. Landscape installation can make the difference between a drab and a strikingly beautiful landscaped and illuminated property.

Our residential landscape customers are raising their quality of life with a professionally installed, lush landscape. We install trees, shrubs, plants, and rock. We can top it off with decorative annuals, ponds and stone boarders. Contact us for a custom landscape design and installation.

Landscape Renovation Does your landscape look a little dated? Did an especially dry or wet season destroy your formerly nice landscape? Replacing old sod with high quality turf is one of our specialities. Let us provide you with a custom landscape renovation


Basic Lawn Care

One of the services we offer is the basic weekly service, that ensures your grass is always trimmed and kept maintained. This service is a basic mowing, edging, trimming (around the house and other vertical objects), and blowing.

Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Includes
  • Mowing all grass
  • Trimming around all vertical objects
  • Edging
  • Blowing off the hard surfaces
  • The winter month mowing ensures leafs are kept clean


Full Service Lawn Care

One most popular service we offer is the full service lawn maintenance service, that ensures your whole yard is always trimmed and kept maintained plus colorful. This service is custom and based off the needs of your individual property. It includes the basic weekly lawn service plus the maintenance of all your other plants, fertilizing, sprinkler checks, seasonal color and more

Full Service packages include
  • Year round lawn mowing
  • Bush trimming
  • Fertilizing
  • Leaf cleaning
  • Seasonal color
  • Sprinkler checks
  • Winter rye (if needed)
  • Bed cleaning


Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens have been part of the human narrative since 500 BC when King Nebuchadnezzar II built The Hanging Gardens of Babylon to cure the homesickness that ailed his wife, Amytis of Media. The therapeutic benefits of gardens and the practice of gardening have also enjoyed a long association with Eastern philosophy and today, are even recognized by the inner circle of Western medicine, but as the global population creeps past 7 billion, the space to garden comes at a premium. Vertical gardens offer modern individuals the opportunity to cultivate a necessary connection to the earth, whether they live at ground level or on the 14th floor.


Indoor Residential Vertical Gardens

The following images depict the home office of world-renowned botanist and Father of the vertical garden, Patrick Blanc. He is later pictured standing in the foreground of one of his most famous creations- the green wall of the European Parliament in Brussels. Blancs experience manifests in the production of large-scale garden installations. He credits his success to selecting only those species of plant which naturally grow in similar environments, such as rock and cliff-faces. He introduces tropical species from places that inspired him in the infancy of his work and is careful to cover the lower sections of the piece with those that are moisture-loving, leaving the higher sections to those that relish sunlight and are less affected by seasonal change.


Indoor Plants

A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices. Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes, positive psychological effects, or health reasons such as indoor air purification. Plants used in this fashion are most commonly, though not always, tropical or semi-tropical epiphytes, succulents or cacti.[citation needed] Houseplants need the correct moisture, light levels, soil mixture, temperature, and humidity. As well, houseplants need the proper fertilizer and correct-sized pots.


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